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LPI Training at ICT4TD Learning Centre, Dar es salaam

As part of national roll out of LPI training following the LToT training I attended in Nairobi in November 2011, we managed to conduct first LPI training at ICT4TD learning centre. The going has been tough as most of interested trainees lack necessary funds to pay for the cost because most of them are college graduates. As a result we started with a group of four trainees.
In order to cope with this, we have tried to put training costs low enough to cover only necessary expenditure in the spirit of spreading awareness about LPI and linux in general.
Moreover we have rolled out a training program called Introduction to Linux to help those inspired with LPI but new to linux to get accustomed with this amazing Operating System.
We are hoping that, with time we will get more people interested and not only that but also we are working to secure funds to pay for those interested applicants who cannot afford to pay the whole fee.

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