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The innovation continues - stopping spam while promoting the MDGs

Last Saturday I was able to make time to make a small presentation at the iHub in Nairobi, just in time for me to travel to Addis Ababa that evening where am now attending CODIST II. This was during the Ubuntu 11.04 launch party, which was sponsored by among others the Linux Professional Institute (East Africa).

I talked about the ict@innovation programme and the LPI certification that we are using to promote Linux Admin certification. There was great interest from those in attendance and the general consensus was that for there to be a better uptake of FOSS in the market, keeping in mind the inherent benefits of FOSS, capacity building was paramount and more so the certification of skills.

Also presenting at the same forum was Athman Ali, who presented about FACTCHA, an application that he has developed and that we can all use to promote the achievement of Millenium Development Goals - MDGs (see details here) while stopping spam at the same time.

This application has won him global accolades as per this story: ,

See him receiving the award from the World Bank chief

It was great sharing the podium with this genius of a simple man. Simple solutions to complex problems was his rallying call.

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