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Ideas on African FLOSS Business Models

Learning Objectives:

To understand some of the various services and solutions offered by ICT-Based SMEs in Africa.

To know the types of FOSS clientèle in Africa
To understand how clients needs can be addressed by FOSS.

To know the types of FOSS solutions that can be offered in Africa.

To see the advantages and challenges FOSS can present to clients and startup businesses.

To understand barriers of entry into FOSS business in Africa (FOSS licenses--lower).

To know some profitable service sectors

To understand the importance of networking with FOSS strategic partners and communities.

To understand problems encountered and possible solutions in doing FOSS business in African.

To understand what the FOSS business risks are and how to mitigate against them in certain industries.

Duration in days: 17.5hrs (2:30hrs per case study, depending on audience, presenters choice, etc.)

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