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ict@innovation @ IDLELO

This years Idlelo conference on FOSS and the Digital Commons is taking place from  May 17th – May 21st, 2010 in  Accra, Ghana. The IDLELO Conference, themed „Development with Ownership“, is a premier international forum on Free and Open Source Software in Africa and is therefore an especially important event for any ICT programme. It presents the opportunity to discuss new issues, tackle complex problems and find advanced enabling solutions able to shape new trends in FOSS and related technologies on the African continent.

For ict@innovation, contribution to the conference is an integral part of the cooperation with FOSSFA and a contribution to the development of ICT in Africa. As such we will be hosting several sessions including pre-conference FOSS business training.

The ict@innovation programme will also be represented by a booth from the 18th on, where you can gather more information on the work we do, our partners and even take part in a raffle to win a digitalized copy of our Handbook and Trainers Manual with advanced training material on African Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Business Models for IT-SMEs.

The pre-conference training of trainers on African Foss Business Models will be taking part from the 14th – 15th.

During the Idlelo confernce we will be covering the main topics at this year's conference, Business, Certification and Education, in the following sessions:

Thursday May 20th, 2010:

Business/Solutions -Successful case studies on African FOSS Business, Roundtable by ict@innovation project champions
10:00-11:00 Auditorium

Roundtable by project champions of the FOSSFA / InWEnt Programme "ict@innovation - Creating Business and Learning Opportunities with Free and Open Source Software in Africa". Featuring among others:

  • George Nyambuya, ict@innovation Africa Coordinator
  • Coley Zephania - Knowledge Broker, System Logic Consulting, South Africa
  • Keutlwile Leso - Business IT Professional Molemi NGS, South Africa
  • Majid Igangula - Igan's Computer Training Center, Tanzania
  • Arnold Pietersen , FOSS trainer, South Africa

Thursday May 20th, 2010:

Parallel Event on FOSS Certification
15:00-17:00 Linux Room

Friday 21st May. 2010:

FOSS in African Education: Session 1: Universities, Research and Curriculum
09:30-11:00, Auditorium

Chair: Boubakar Barry, Association of African Universities
Panelists will include African Virtual Open Initiatives and Resources – AVOIR and university representatives

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