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How to sustain the ICT@innovation communities

Dear Community Members

We need your attention. The funding phase of ict@innovation is ending at the end of 2012. During Idlelo 5 last week, some of us had the chance to meet and gather ideas on how to keep the ict@innovation communities on FOSS Business Models and Linux Certification active and growing. Now your contributions are needed as well!

So after saying a word or two on GIZ and the training material, I in my role as community empowerment manager will tell you about the ideas we came up with – and strongly encourage you to share your opinion on them.

Funding phase of ict@innovation final evaluation in the pipeline/>

The funding phase of GIZ will come to an end in December 2012. An evaluation for the whole project will be carried out soon. Therefore we would like to ask all ict@innovation community members to help the evaluators and share your project experiences, your opinion and ideas. We are looking forward to hearing your ict@innovation stories!

2- Trainings and Training Material

To those who are giving trainings: Please do make a note on the website. Let the community know – especially those who only joined recently and are trying to find information on trainings in their countries. Please announce your training courses or reports on a training implemented: Upload the information on the course directory (Business Models:; Certification trainings: or blog about how your training went at: and provide the Community Empowerment Manager with a link to your blog or training announcement. To provide a regular update for the communities on things happening, the Commmunity Empowerment Manager (CEM) will be the one gathering updates on the trainings and the community activities on a regular base to publish all news in a monthly newsletter. If you would like to inform the community about any news, please contact the community empowerment manager at: cem[at]

The FOSS Business Modles training material will soon be available in French and is already integrated into our training material wiki here:

3- How to sustain the ict@innovation communities
If we want to keep both communities alive, we need to find ways to maintain them active.

So we discussed which tasks would need to be done and – based on the evaluation workshop done in 2010 – came up with the following ideas:

Please note that everything below this line are draft ideas! We are looking forward to read your comments or any ideas on any other roles needed and we would be especially happy if you liked to join the volunteer groups!

E-learning Platform & Training Evaluation --- Mark C. (South Africa) / Brain S. (Uganda)
   - develop and maintain tools for training evaluation & monitoring
   - update news about on-going and upcoming courses
  - help trainers with new e-learning courses

Mailing list --- Suleiman H. Suleiman (Zanzibar) / Harisson Tago
- update mailing-list addresses
-  moderate mailing lists
report to the community about membership issues

Marketing and Branding  --- Main coordinator needed!!! If you feel like volunteering on this, please let me know!
  - maintain marketing materials
standardize training materials
   - coordinate the development of new marketing material
   - report on latest marketing materials
- discuss branding possibilities 

Content Management - ict@innovation materials --- Francis Thou (Kenya)/Campira Mulauzi, Brian Sikute (Zambia)
   - ensure training materials in wiki are up to date
   - coordinate material updates within some specified period agreed by the community

NB: After discussions, some changes have been suggested :

The "Dokeos Management" is now part of the "E-learning platform & Training Evaluation",
the "News" will be managed by the CEM (since news will be published at FOSSFA level),
the "Certification Development" will be handled by the (Marketing and Branding) and
the "Training Advisor" role is now assigned to the whole community (all pieces of advise will come from the experience of all community members).

How it will work:

· The first person is the lead and he will be helped by the others.

· Volunteers will be managing both LPI and FBT needs (it will therefore be interesting if in the teams there are people from communities).

My role – the one of the Commmunity Empowerment Manager (CEM) – will be to coordinate the volunteers and let the community know what’s happening – for example in a monthly newsletter. If you are interested in joining one of the communities please do send an email to cem[at]

Now, we would like to ask you to

- Discuss the roles and tasks needed
- Have further volunteers

- Comment/contribute to the roles' details
- Help the volunteers in fulfilling their roles

Awaiting your emails,


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