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FOSS Business in Education

Today I was giving a presentation to Kenyan Teachers (primary & secondary school level) on FOSS tools and resources for education. It was refreshing to see great enthusiasm from a number of teachers on the willingness to adopt FOSS. What they however indicated is that they do not have skills to be install and integrate the technology into their institution.

For Kenyan FOSS consultants like myself, this sparked off a light bulb indicating the opportunities that exist. Considering that there is a large number of schools in the country this is a great business opportunity. In addition it will also uplift the standards of the schools as well.

During the presentation I also displayed some OER stuff that was useful to some of the teachers. I am sure they will be looking for material on this soon. Anyway the highlight of the event was to receive an invite to a school in Eldoret to talk more and demo some tools for their institution. I am looking forward to this.


Great stuff Matogo. Last week I was the guest of honour at Cheleta Primary school in Runda where over 10 teachers graduated from an IntelWorks training conducted by Camara Educational Foundation. Camara has equipped two schools in the area with computers running on Ubuntu. The teachers were very excited to learn new ways of delivering their classes using IT.

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