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E-Learning Africa 2011 Actions and Happenings!

Mlimani City Conference Centre

Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA 24-27 May 2011

The Project Management team of ICT@innovation participated in this year’s e-Learning Africa conference that was held in Tanzania,

The objective of the management participation in this conference was quadrupole:

a) Use the event to have a face-to-face Steering Committee Meeting

b) Present a Workshop on the FOSS Business Models ''Case Studies''

c) Proctor Training for the FOSS Certification Pillars

d) Evaluation phase of pilot MIP Programme

e) Book /Handbook Launch : LPI Training Guide,see the press release at "Launch of the ict@innovation training guide on Linux System Administrationat at the eLearning Africa conference in Tanzania. See:


Participants from both partners (FOSSFA and GIZ) took part in this important meeting. There was a review of the entire project in all pillars and an outlook for ICT@innovation in 2011 and beyond. The ''beyond outlook'' also entailed discussing the plans of ICT@innovation's expansion plan into West Africa. This was given a thumbs up by the Steering and Project Management team. The major points of this event can be bullet-ed as follows

1) Successful review of ICT@innovation for 2010/2011.Project Management and Partners expressed satisfactory progress with a number of areas for improvement, namely the Community and Sustainability aspects of ICT@innovation

2) Gave a new road map for the ''FOSS Coding for Africa'' pillar, with the Pillar Manager given the task to outline the new road map. These discussions came against the background of some challenges in the this pillar.

3) Expansion into West Africa

These were some of the key aspects that were extensively discussed in this session


As part of the e-Learning Africa pre-conference event,ICT@innovation also presented a FOSS Business Models Workshop on the 24th May 2011. Frank Tilugulilwa and Lawrence Lyayuka were the main core trainers of this workshop which was being facilitated by the Coordinator, George Nyambuya

There were 21 participants for this workshop. The workshop focused on review the African FOSS Business Models module with a view to empowering or exposing the different business models on FOSS that exist in Africa. They were high and extensive debates from the delegates during this session.


The FOSS Certification Manager, Evans Ikua took advantage of the presence of university Lecturers and conducted a Proctor Training Workshop during the conference session. This was attend by a number of people,which saw the Manager training and registering about seven (7) LPI proctors for future ICT@innovation training. Mrs Faye Macheke from LPI South Africa co-facilitated with Mr E Ikua, the training of these proctors.


It was also a moment for James Njenga to visit the interns at the UCC for evaluation phase of the ''FOSS Coding for Africa'' pillar. The interns also took part in the pre conference workshop on the FOSS Business Models. The evaluation was conducted and concluded on the last day of the conference, and also involved a get together session of the Manager and the interns.

In General, the participants from the ICT@innovation programme expressed a fair degree of satisfaction on the conference. They had indicated that they had enjoyed the networking aspects during the conference. Some keys partner people had been met and the managers indicated that they would engaged these contacts when they get back to their desks. They were also some discussion on interesting presentation that were made in different plenary sessions.

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