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Content Creation Workshop

workshop.pic.01.jpgOn March 10-12, 2009, more than 20 people gathered in Nairobi, Kenya, for the ict@innovation Content Creation Workshop. Hosted at Strathmore University, the group of experts came together for three days of intense work on training materials on the subject of African FOSS business models.

UNU-MERIT Researcher Dr. Sulayman K. Sowe and AITI-KACE Trainer Frederick Yeboah facilitated the highly productive discussions of the experts present. The ict@innovation program helps small and medium enterprises in the ICT field to grow their businesses makes FOSS (Free/Open Source Software) an important option for African countries. The engaging atmosphere at the event, which was hosted at Strathmore University, attests to the urgency of the subject of FLOSS on the continent. 

As a result of the workshop, the production and adaptation of training materials suitable for the context of Eastern and Southern Africa was greatly accelerated. The event also served to establish new ties among African FOSS professionals, as well as strengthening existing connections.

Workshop Goals

  • Develop an over-all consented concept for the FOSS Business Models curriculum
  • Sketch and map out a concept of didactic design of the training materials ( courses and modules should take a hands-on approach, involving practical and real-case elements)

  • Definition of types of learning materials to be developed (hand-outs, trainer's manual, presentations, etc..) 
  • Definition of formats of learning materials (OER, SCROM, Online publications, easy of deployment-CDs/DVDs/pdfs, etc.)

  • Develop and foster a collaborative working process
  • Draw a follow-up / action plan: What needs to be done, when it should be completed, who will work on what

Workshop presentation [here]

Workshop outcome-Action plan [here]

Strathmore University's report on the workshop [here]

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