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Community Empowerment Manager: Introducing Myself

Hi All,

I am Mawusee Komla Foli-Awli (please don't spend your day trying to read/keep my name in mind because it is long I know :-D) and I am from TOGO.

I have a developper background (Web environment). I am a big fan of CMS (Drupal, WordPress, Joomla) a new lover of Yii. I am a FOSS evangelist (FOSS saved my life more than once :-D).

I love music and I play guitar. I love cartoons, movies and humor.
I speak French, English and a little bit of Italian.

I have been dealing with multicultural teams from different countries and backgrounds so don't flee if you hear that I am coming to your country :-).

It is a real pleasure for me joining the "FOSSFA world" as the CEM and I am counting on everybody's support for this huge task of empowering all FOSSFA communities ;-)

Best regards and thank you all in advance.


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