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We are proud to announce to this community that training on LPI Certification has already started at Bugema University. We started January 30th and Match 19th 2012 will be our grand passing-out of the first Linux-Certified professionals according to our training schedule.

This training is conducted at Bugema University Kampala Campus every Mondays at 4:30 pm to 8:00pm.

Target group and enrollment procedure for this first training

Our target group were the IT professionals in Bugema University and students persuing their degrees in this field within Bugema university. So far we have enrolled 18 participants which is our maximum number targeted.

Our second phase, which will be an open training, will begin during our  summer from May 28th to June 21st 2012. The venue for this training will be at Bugema University main campus.


Robert Nkambwe and Betty Nakibuuka

training organisers



Great Robert. good to see that you have finally rolled out your Linux certification training.Please keep blogging about it so that others can benefit from your experiences. Its a good idea to give it adequate time so that by the time they are taking exams, they have had adequate preparations. Although, consider adding some modules from Linux Essentials so that those with little experience with Linux and open source can get an even better grounding. but this depends on the level of experience of your participants.

When you are ready to give the exams, please talk to Brian or Milton and they will assist you make arrangements. Keep it up and all the best.

There is great interest that has been exhibited by most IT students in their final year at Bugema University Main campus. so the summer session will be very vibrant.
Betty Nakibuuka
Bugema University

Great, keep it up and let us know how it goes.

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