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African Governments warming up to FOSS

After a number of year of FOSS advocacy,governments in Africa are beginning to warm to the idea of FOSS. Last week from Sept. 14-16th 2011 representatives from member states of The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) met in Nairobi to discuss the status of FOSS implementations in their countries.

It was wonderful to hear that governments in Africa are using FOSS in various projects. From simple websites using Joomla to setting up parliamentary record management systems.

Previously considered a very difficult unit to get to appreciate FOSS, it was very encouraging to hear government folks talking about FOSS projects that are ongoing on various others under consideration.

In spite of the works under way challenges were also acknowledged, lack of skilled personnel cutting across most countries represented. In addition lack of policy in some countries that supported FOSS was also lacking.

In any case, this was indeed a significant milestone and a pointer of more opportunities for FOSS.

The CIO magazine also captured the event at this link



Many thanks for sharing this information with us.Interesting developments.Do you know when an offical report of this will be made available?It would be interesting to share or get a hold of this as well.Many thanks

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