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The Africa FOSS Business Innovation Award

The Africa FOSS Business Innovation Award – honoring Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) business development in Africa

Do you want to showcase your award-winning FOSS solution and business model to a continental audience of tech-experts and potential customers in March 2012?

Then make sure to apply for the “Africa FOSS Business Innovation Award – honoring Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) business development in Africa” by 28th February 2012.

About Africa’s FOSS Business Innovations

The use of FOSS solutions on the African continent have grown in the past few years. While Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are adapting FOSS, others are growing the open source businesses. The ict@innovation programme has been working with African IT enterprises and is witnessing innovations in many areas of African business life. Across the continent, IT entrepreneurs are turning FOSS into a key technology to drive innovation, add value locally, while creating a sustainable and affordable ICT-solutions. ict@innovation is a partnership of the Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA) and the 'Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit' (GIZ).

About the Africa FOSS Business Innovation Award – honoring FOSS business development in Africa

To recognize African enterprises making social and economic impact with open source tools in the business, FOSSFA, in partnership with GIZ’s ict@innovation programme will be presenting the Africa FOSS Business Innovation Award to three African Small and Medium-sized Enterprise that have made social and/or economic impact with innovative business models in FOSS (For some examples of FOSS business models  applied in Africa, please see

In addition, the business must be a viable FOSS business models. More information on the competition can be obtained from and and open until 28th February 2012.

The prize will be awarded at the 5th African Conference on FOSS and the Digital Commons (IDLELO 5) from 19-23 March 2012, in Abuja, Nigeria.

Eligibility criteria

  • In order to be eligible for the award, you must:
  • Be officially registered as a business entity in your country
  • Be Africa-based Have a vision for Africa
  • Have been in business for at least 6 months

Submission requirements

Eligible submissions must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Full information on the enterprise should be included.
  • All applications and/or business models must have a significant component of FOSS. Business must be based on FOSS development framework(s), languages and tools.
  • The submission must include information on the base code repository and the FOSS business model.
  • Names and e-mails of all persons that have contributed the solution must be listed and included.
  • Information regarding number of users or customers and the extent of the deployment must be included.
  • A brief summary of your FOSS innovation must be published as a new case study at the ict-innovation wiki (under Module 2: African FOSS Business Models Case Studies). The summary should contain info as stated above: FOSS solution and business model, users / customers, deployments, “story behind the business”, for more details, see questions Q1-15 at:
  • The submitting enterprise shall provide at least 3 References of users/clients.


The judging criteria

  • Judging will be based on the economic and social impact of the SME's use of FOSS and the innovation and viability built into the respective business model
  • The unique Africa problem your FOSS solution addresses will be a determining factor (vision for Africa)
  • Jury shall also take into consideration any improvements and contributions to the global pool of FOSS that developers of the SME has made.
  • Jury may contact references if needed

The reward

After all eligible submissions are received and the competition is closed, the jury will assess only applications that meets the submission requirements. Three(3) entries will be preselected and only one (1) will be rewarded with the Africa FOSS Business Innovation Award.

Winners are entitled to:

  • Africa FOSS Business Innovation Award financial prize for further business development
  • Publicity within all the major FOSS networks on the continent and beyond.
  • Free all round passes to the 5th African Conference on FOSS and the Digital Commons (IDLELO 5) in March 2012, in Abuja, Nigeria, for more information on Idlelo see

How to apply

  • Make sure that you fulfill all the eligibility requirements
  • Document your innovation, noting all the submission requirements
  • Include your references
  • Publish your case study at: and provide link
  • Please send your application(s) to innovationaward[at]


For inquiries, partnerships or more information: innovationaward[at]


FOSSFA is the premier African FOSS organization. The vision of FOSSFA is to promote the use of FOSS and FOSS model in African development, and the organization supports the integration of FOSS in national policies. FOSSFA also coordinates, promotes, and adds value to African FOSS initiatives, creativity, industry, expertise, efforts and activities at all levels. For more information on FOSSFA, visit


About ict@innovation 

The ict@innovation programme builds capacities in African small and medium ICT enterprises and supports Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) powered business. ict@innovation aims to encourage the growth of African ICT industries through three main actions:

1) spreading FOSS business models for enterprises in Africa,

2) fostering FOSS certification and

3) supporting innovative local FOSS applications for social and economic development.

ict@innovation is a partnership of FOSSFA and GIZ [until 2010: InWEnt - Capacity Building International, Germany]. Funding partners are the German Ministry Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA). For more information on the ict@innovation programme, visit


About GIZ

Working efficiently, effectively and in a spirit of partnership, we support people and societies worldwide in creating sustainable living conditions and building better futures. The services delivered by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH draw on a wealth of regional and technical competence and tried and tested management expertise. Since 1 January 2011, GIZ has brought together under one roof the capacities and long-standing experience of three organisations: the Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst (DED) gGmbH (German Development Service), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH (German technical cooperation) and InWEnt – Capacity Building International, Germany. As a federal enterprise, we support the German Government in achieving its objectives in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development. We are also engaged in international education work around the globe. For more information, please see: 


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