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Free your IT Business in Africa

FOSS technologies offer opportunities particularly for small and medium sized IT enterprises to provide IT services for local IT markets. Many IT-SME are not yet aware of how they can use FOSS in their business models – knowledge sharing and training is needed to qualify employees. Offering training to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and enabling them to create FOSS business models is a key to stimulate innovative local IT business.


Training Materials

Download free training materials on Free and Open Source Software Business Models in Africa

The full set of training materials includes:

  • Handbook and trainers manual

  • Model Presentations for trainers and facilitators

  • Final test for assessment

  • Evaluation forms

  • Collection of completed exercises and assignments



Are you interested in taking part in one of the ict@innovation courses on Free and Open Source Software Business Models in Africa? Use the Online Learning Platform or find out what courses are taking place in your country!


Are you interested in organizations or people working with Free and Open Source Software Business Models in Africa? Meet our community of African FOSS business models expert. You can also browse our pool of FOSS Business Model Trainers , which were qualified by ict@innovation to host trainings on Free and Open Source Software Business Models in Africa.

Trainers' Space


Are you a trainer and looking for exchange with others or support in conduction your national training courses? The trainers’ space offers room for discussion and exchange with the other trainers. We also provide a lot of information, guidelines, lessons learned and other useful information.

FBT - The Way Forward


If you want to contribute to future processes of the programme one important way to do this is to help establishing self-governance structures. For information please have a look at this page.



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