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The following page provides an overview of the timeline of the programme with a focus on supporting trainers from 2008 to 2012. For more on current activities of ict@innovation ,please check our lines of activity and the blog on the frontpage.:

News on African FOSS Business

News on FOSS Certification

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At the end of 2011, ict@innovation looks back on four years of programme implementation. During the first year, the different programme components were planned in detail, partnerships were explored and new partners, staff members and consultants came on board. In 2009, the first programme component on African FOSS Business started into its implementation phase. Four regional training of trainers were successfully conducted and national trainings started in 2010. In 2011 the programme was enlarged to West Africa and a first Training of Trainers course was held in Nigeria. At the moment the training material is translated into French, so that a French training of trainers course can be implemented in Senegal mid-2012.

The first training-of-trainers course on Linux system administration was offered at the end of 2010 and further trainer courses were offerec in 2011. Also national trainings started in 2011. A comprehensive open training manual on Linux system administration has been published in 2011.

The end of 2010 was also the start of the pilot phase of the 6-months Mentored Internship Programme on Software Programming. In addition, further achievements have been made in international networking with FOSS stakeholders in Europe and in Asia.

For a full overview of all achievements, see here.

Timeline of Pillar A. Training on African FOSS Business Models for ICT-based SME

2009-11 - National trainings by trainers trained by ict@innovation

Since 2010 several national trainings on African FOSS Business Models are offered by the ict@innovation trainers in Southern and East Africa. Please see current courses here. The following describes the actions by ict@innovation on supporting trainers to offer such courses:

October 2011: First West African regional Training of Trainer: „Advanced African Business Models with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)“
(in Nigeria for West Africa)

25 trainers from Nigeria, Cameroun, Senegal and Togo joint the first West African FOSS Business Models Training in Abuja, Nigeria. Trainers are now planning for implementing trainings in their countries.

November 2010: Networking and evaluation of training of trainer

16 FOSS Business Models Trainers met in  Johannesburg for the ict@innovation Networking & Evaluation Workshop. The aim of the workshop was to give an opportunity for the trainiers to give feedback on the FOSS Business Models Trainings, offer support for exchange on the experiences made so far as well as to discuss the sustainability of the trainings and the way forward.

May 2010: Launch of the Training manual "Free your IT Business in Africa!

The open training material includes numerous successful business models suited to the African context, such as Software Selection, Software Installation, FOSS Training, Maintenance and Support, Software / Systems Migration, Consultancy, Software Localization and Internalization, FOSS Customization as well as Technical / Legal Certification. Eight in-depth case studies of successful African IT-businesses give concrete avenues for Free and Open Source business models that work in Africa. Other key sections focus on Knowledge and Skills for FOSS Entrepreneurs such as communication and business skills and on FOSS Training as a Business in Africa.

Idlelo FOSS Business Models Training-of-Trainers

ict@innovation offered a pre-conference training on African FOSS Business Models before the conference Idlelo 4 started in Accra.

October 2009
Fourth Regional Training of Trainers „Advanced African Business Models with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)“
(in Mozambique for Southern Africa)
The fourth training of trainers for 2009 was held in Maputo, Mozambique at theUEM, Centre of Informatics. The training attracted close to 23 participants from the SADC's Business and IT sectors. The event was organized in partnership with UEM's Centre of Informatics. Mr. Mabila, the Centre's Director was present to offically open this last regional training. In addition to recieving the advanced FOSS Business Models training, the participants were also given an opportunity to visit the University Incubation Centre, CENFOSS and some of its clients, including the first bank to migrate to FOSS in Mozambique. Pillar_A_Ablauf_450.jpg

September 2009
Third Regional Training of Trainers: „Advanced African Business Models with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)“
(in Tanzania for East Africa)

The third regional training of trainers was held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This training attracted nineteen (19) experts from both Business and IT. The invited participants were also given an opportunity to visit and see practical business venutures in Tanzania. Zalongwe Technologies was one of such business visit held in Tanzania.The company is owned by a training participant, Dr Lunga. After this visit to the company, the training team requested that Zalongwe Technologies be added in the course as a case study.

August 2009
Second Regional Training of Trainers: „Advanced African Business Models with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)“
(in Uganda for East Africa)
The second regional training of trainers took place at the East African Centre Open Source Software (EACOSS) in Kampala, Uganda. This training attracted 19 Business and IT specialist from across the East African region. ICT@innovation hosted this training in partnership with EACOSS. The course was officially opened by the FOSSFA executive Secretary, Mr James Wire on the 31st of August 2009. The two week training focused on the six (6) modules developed for ict@innovation by the 3C Group in Kenya. This training also included visits to local FOSS businesses in Uganda. Aim of the business visits was to give the participants a practical open source business experience and demonstrate working African solutions. In Uganda, ict@innovation and its participants also visited I-Network and Linux Solution.

July 2009
First Regional Training of Trainers: „Advanced African Business Models with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)“
(in South Africa for Southern Africa).
The first regional training of trainers took place at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. The training brought together over 18 experts from universities, training institutions and the private sector in South Africa, Malawi and Zambia. This workshop was organized and conducted by the InWEnt South Africa and co hosted at Wits. The invited delegates were taken through the six (6) module FOSS Business Models course by the training; consortium from AITI-KACE and UNU-MERIT. More info.


March 2009
Co-editors finalise training materials
The final list of the co-editors was drawn and finalized by the end of January 2009.This paved the way for the 3 C Group (Content Creation Community) Workshop that was held at Strathmore University,Nairobi,Kenya. In a workshop the training materials and didactical approach for training on African FOSS Business where finalised.

The 3C Group Workshop-10-12 March 2009

The workshop was attended by 21 participants from over seven different nations from Africa.The management also used this opportunity to conduct outreach activities for the programme. This was a vital task as the next programme steps require cooperation of the different stakeholders in the ICT (FOSS) community-training institutions. In his brief speech delivered to the editors Eng Rege, Kenya’s ICT Parliamentary Committee member, showed Kenya's government support to ict@innovation and also toward FOSS in general. For more information see Following the workshop, the organisation of the regional trainings commenced. Open Calls where launched to recruit participants for four regional trainings.

December 2008
Call for co-editors to develop a knowledge resource on African FOSS business models
The call received a number of very qualified applications, and the editor team is currently forming. A workshop bringing together all editors to jointly work on case studies of African FOSS business models and further training materials is planned to take place in February 2009.

October 2008
New team to implement the African FOSS Business training programme
Following a tendering process, a consortium of the UNU Merit and the AITI-KACE was appointed to:
* develop training materials and processes for the African FOSS Business training course
* work with a group of co-editors on a new knowledge resource on African FOSS business models
* organize and conduct regional trainings of trainers on African FOSS business (in 2009)
* guide and supervise national trainings on African FOSS business for ICT SME staff and entrepreneurs (in 2010)

March 2008
Pillar A planning workshop

In connection to the Idlelo 3 conference, ict@innovation hosted a workshop inviting FOSS entrepreneurs and other people with expertise in the field of FOSS and business from different African countries to discuss the plans for the ict@innovation pillar A. The workshop outcomes, as well as the plans for the training programme on African FOSS Business are published in our wiki.


Timeline of Pillar B. Spreading FOSS Certification

Overview of all Training of trainers courses with link to the reports and calls (for more information, see timeline below):


Training date

For trainers from:


First Regional Training of Trainers for Linux System Administration  (in Kenia for East Africa)

- Report

- Call / Infos

E-learning phase:

11th-31st October

Face-to-face training:

1st-12th Nov 2010

Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda


Second Regional Training of Trainers for Linux System Administration  (in South Africa for Southern Africa)

- Report

- Call / Infos

14th - 25th Feb 2011

Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Namibia

South Africa

Third Regional Training of Trainers for Linux System Administration (in Tanzania for East Africa)

- Report

- Call / How to apply

E-learning phase:

8th – 29th  July

Face-to-face training:

1st-12th Aug 11

Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda


August 2011: Third Regional Training of Trainers for Linux System Administration  (LPI - Level 1)
(in Tanzania for East Africa)

The third Linux Admin Training of Trainers was implemented in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and brought together 24 trainers from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

May 2011: Open Training guide launched

The ict@innovation: Training guide on Linux System Administration, LPI Certification Level 1 was launched at the e-learning Africa conference in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The manual is published under Creative Commons licence and is available for free download.

February 2011: Second Regional Training of Trainers for Linux System Administration  (LPI - Level 1)
(in South Africa for Southern Africa)

The second Linux Admin Training of Trainers workshop kicked off in Johannesburg on the 20th February. This course is bringing together 17 trainers from South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Malawi and helps them to improve their Linux admin as well as their trainers' skills.

November 2010: First Regional Training of Trainers for Linux System Administration  (LPI - Level 1)
(in Kenia for East Africa)
ict@innovation's first regional training of trainers course on Linux system administration has taken off in Nairobi. The training brings together about 20 participants from across the East African region, that is Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

September 2010

During a 5-day training material development workshop the main material for a comprehensive open manual on Linux Professional Institute Certicfication Level 1 (LPIC-1) was laid.

April 2010
Appointment of Cerfication Manager.
Evans Ikua was appointed FOSS Certification Manager will be the main contact for all ict@innovation certification activities and for supervising the implementation of all programme component activities.

December 2008
FOSS Certification strategy development
Based on the outcomes of the research and particularly the planning workshop, ict@innovation develops a detailed plan for the FOSS Certification component, that is currently under discussion with the programme partners / steering committee as well as prospective implementing partners.

October 2008
FOSS Certification planning workshop
The planning workshop for the FOSS Certification component of ict@innovation was held from 15 - 17 October 2008 in Johannesburg. 21 participants from different African countries brought their expertise in FOSS training and certification to the table. Together, we discussed needs and visions to get to a common understanding of how the ict@innovation FOSS certification programme could both ideally and realistically be designed, so that it meets local requirements and will make a positive impact.

August/September 2008
Research on FOSS certification requirements and experiences

ict@innovation conducted a survey on FOSS certification demands and requirements in different African countries, organized a open discussion forum on FOSS certification on the ict@innovation website, and engaged in conversations with a variety of African stakeholders in FOSS certification. This background research served as a basis and preparation for the planning workshop.

For a detailed overiew of the planning activities for the ict@innovation FOSS Certification component please read: Planning the FOSS Certification Component

Timeline of Pillar C. Coding FOSS  in Africa - the mentored internship programme (MIP) of AVOIR & ict@innovation

November 2010 to March 2011

Pilot phase of the Mentored Internship Programme on software programming. Together with the African university network AVOIR, ict@innovation offers mentored internships for young software developers seeking to improve their FOSS skills and create innovative applications.

September 2010

Mentor training: AVOIR and ict@innovation trained 14 experienced African programmers and trainers to prepare them for their mentoring responsibilities during the Mentored Internship Programme.

August 2010

James Njenga, based at the UWC in Cape Town, South Africa was appointed MIP Manager. James will be the main contact and is responsible for the successful implementation of the Mentored Internship Programme.

May 2010
Representatives from nine AVOIR nodes gathered at UWC for a two-day planning workshop to plan the joint Mentored Internship Programme (MIP) of ict@innovation and the African Virtual Open Initiatives and Resources (AVOIR) Network.

Timeline pf Pillar D. Enabling Regional networking and international exchange

Networking and exchange is a a crosscutting component of the ict@innovation programme. The direct programme activities promote exchanges, like participatory planning workshops or the formation of editing teams for course materials, for instance. It is part of the concept for regional and national trainings to help create communities of practice in the respective topic areas.

March 2012

Idlelo 5

ict@innovation contributed to the 5th African Conference on FOSS and the Digital Commons (Idlelo 5) as an integral part of the cooperation with FOSSFA and a contribution to the development of ICT in Africa. As such we were hosting several sessions including workshops on community empowerment, FOSS business model, a bootcamp on Linux system administration (together with Linux Professional Institute of Nigeria) as well as an award for “The Best FOSS Business Innovation in Africa”.

May 2011
e-learning Africa 2011

ict@innovation showcased its activities at the „eLearning Africa – 6th international conference on ICT for development, education and training" in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania from May 25 to 27.

May 2010

Idlelo 4

This year's Idlelo conference themed „Development with Ownership" was held in Accra, Ghana. ict@innovation hosted several sessions including pre-conference FOSS business training.

September 2009
Celebrating Software Freedom Day
InWEnt connected its international partners in Asia and Africa via chat for this years Sofware Freedom Day. Here IOSN and FOSSFA met to exchange ideas on future collaboration and knowledge exchange.

June 2009
FOSSFA Study Tour to Germany
In June 2009 five FOSSFA delegates visited Berlin for a week of meetings and events on the topic of Open Source. The LinuxTag, Europe's leading Open Source event was attended by the delegation and enriched James Lunghabo's presentation on the situation of FOSS in Africa. The LinuxTag trade fair provided the opportunity to meet with a number of stakeholders from Germany and Europe and to share information on FOSSFA's activities and ict@innovation. Highlights included meeting the heads of the Open Source Business Foundation, Lisog e.V., LiVe Linux Association as well as the organisers of the LinuxTag – Germany's leading Open Source organisations. Further international networking activities included the attendance of OSCON and the networking with Asian Institutions for Software Freedom Day.

August 2008
Launch of ict@innovation web portal

The ict@innovation portal is built to engage an interested community of people associated with and contributing to the ict@innovation programme. The portal is to support participatory writing, discussion, and decision making processes. It aims to promote community building through group functionalities, and listing of individual profiles. Its group functionalities are to host all the regional and national training groups to share materials, discuss contents, and work collaboratively.


Timeline of activities related to the kickstarting of the programme

March 2008
Launch of the ict@innovation programme

The ict@innovation programme was launched at the Idlelo 3 conference in Dakar/Senegal. ict@innovation co-organized two Idlelo conference tracks, one on "Human Capacities, Capabilities and Consequences" and one on "Business Models and Community Development". The partnership agreement between InWEnt and FOSSFA was signed at the Idlelo 3 conference.

If you are interested in what happend at the launch-event of ict@innovation at the Idlelo 3 in 2008 please read:

Launch of ict@innovation at Idlelo 3

or read the full conference report:

Idlelo 3 Conference Report

April 2008 ff
Joining of further partners

Partners such as the OSISA (Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa) joined ict@innovation. > Overview of ict@innovation partners.

May 2008
Constitution of the advisory board

The ict@innovation advisory board includes experts on FOSS business inAfrica who provide guidance on strategic programme decisions.

August 2008
Appointment of African programme coordination office

George G Nyambuya was appointed effective 18 August 2008 as ict@innovation programme coordinator. George is based at the InWEnt South Africa office in Pretoria, and belongs organizationally also to the FOSSFA secretariat. 

October 2008
First steering committee meeting

The ict@innovation Steering Committee Meeting was held on the 13-15 October 2008 in Johannesburg. The main programme partners met and mapped the way forward for the project.

November 2008
Meeting with FOSSFA executives

The ict@innovation Africa coordinator had the opportunity to meet with the FOSSFA executive team during the I-Week at AITI-KACE in Accra/Ghana. Here, ict@innovation also met with the newly appointed FOSSFA secretariat coordinator, whom the programme looks forward to closely liase with.