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Many committed persons and organizations of the FOSSFA members network contribute to the success ict@innovation. The following section credits some of these contributors, who have invested their time and knowledge: 

* Milton Aineruhanga (FOSSFA member + Wougnet Uganda) is the main contact person for ict@innovation at the FOSSFA executive level and member of the ict@innovation steering committee.

* Nnenna Nwakanma, chair of the FOSSFA council, is member of the ict@innovation Advisory Board and has shaped the programme since its planning phase. Apart from actively driving FOSSFA activities since the founding of the organization, she is independent consultant and plays a leading role in the Open Source Initiative as well as the Digital Solidarity Fund.

* James Wire Lunghabo was the main contact person for ict@innovation at the FOSSFA executive level until 2009. Apart from his FOSS advocacy activities with FOSSFA, James runs his FOSS-based IT business Linux Solutions in Kampala/Uganda.

* Christian Roland (CHALA, Cote d'Ivoire), Edward Yeboah (AITI-KACE, Ghana), and Samer Azmy (Egypt) are supporting the development of the ict@innovation website.

*  Nhlanhla Mabaso (FOSSFA council member) has been instrumental in setting up the programme and is contributing to numerous content fields. 

* The ict@innovation Africa coordinator George Nyambuya is staff member of FOSSFA, placed at the InWEnt South Africa office in Pretoria.

* Alex Gakuru of the Linux Professional Association of Kenya is promoting ict@innovation in East Africa and engaged in networking and blogging.